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Rudhramadevi 2015 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download In HDRip 720p


Full Name: Rudhramadevi 2015
Size:  2.3 GB
Quality: HDRip 720p
Genres: Action, Biography, History
Release Date: 9 October 2015
Language: Hindi,Telugu
Cast:  Anushka Shetty, Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati

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Movie Story:  Queen Rudrama Devi’s reign in southern India during the 13th century is herein recounted.

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Rudhramadevi 2015 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download In HDRip 720p

 Rudhramadevi 2015 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download In HDRip 720p

Rudrama Devi probably began her rule of the Kakatiya kingdom jointly with her father, Ganapatideva, as his co-regent, from 1261-62. She assumed full sovereignty in 1263.[2]

Ekamranatha’s Pratapachantra refers to Rudram Devi’s step-brothers, Hariharadeva and Murarideva, ousting her and capturing Orugallu, and depicts her effectively tackling them with the help of the citizens and some powerful supporters.[citation needed] However, no other evidence is available to prove the existence of her step-brothers, even if it is believed that some intransigent nobles and close relations rebelled against her authority, the Kayastha chief Jannigedeva and his younger brothers, Tripurari and Ambadeva, Recherla Prasaditya and Reddy chiefs such as Gona Ganna Reddy were firmly loyal to the queen, espoused her cause and helped her defeat the rebels.[3][better source needed]

Unlike her Kakatiya predecessors, she chose to recruit as warriors many people who were not aristocratic, granting them rights over land tax revenue in return for their support. This was a significant change and one that was followed by her successor and also by the later Vijayanagara Empire.[4][5]

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